Hi, You must be regularly listening about funnels now-a-days. Everywhere, there is funnel, funnel and funnel. Whichever marketing blog you read, there will be funnel. The YouTube video you see about marketing, funnel will be there. Podcasts, videos, blogs, articles and so on, nothing is there where there is no Funnel.

Let’s know what is a funnel and why it is of so much importance.

What is a Funnel?

Typically, we all have seen a funnel in our home. It is a reverse cone shaped thing with a long tapered extension at its end. It is generally used to pour something from a big container to a small container.
The funnel in digital marketing is something like that but with filters of various grades at various levels.

Why a funnel?

Have you ever seen that during advertisement campaign of some products, a sample being distributed to people? It is a kind of funnel. People use the sample product. If they are benefited with it, they become valuable customers of that product. Now they also become an asset of the product. They do mouth publicity of the tried product with their friends, family and colleagues.

Digital Funnel

Similarly, the digital funnel works. A digital funnel is used to enhance the sales of products through the internet.
You can use this tool to sell anything and everything through the internet.

Parts of a typical Sales Funnel:

A typical digital funnel consists of the following:
  • Top portion (Awareness, interest- Traffic)
  • Middle Portion (Decision, action – Lead)
  • Bottom Portion (Sales, Revenue – Customers)

Top Portion

The top portion relates to marketing. Marketing is required for something to sell. Now what to sell depends upon your niche. When you wish to sell or render service of something, you first do advertisement to attract traffic. 

In digital marketing, you have an advantage to attract the traffic, which belongs to your niche. You do google ads, Facebook ads, SEO to get the traffic having interest in your niche.

It is certain that majority of traffic attracted to your advertisement will be the one who has interest in your content. To ensure the retention of traffic for a longer time, your content has to be effective. 

Middle Portion 

A good landing page in your content or blog is needed. You need to have some lucrative offer through the landing page like some ebook, free course etc to get the lead from the traffic. Those, who are attracted to your offer, will share their details through your landing page. They are your leads.  Now you have to make sure that subscribers get the content, they are searching over internet. 

Bottom Portion

Once youhave got lead, you need to offer them with such a plan that your products’ sales starts. To earn a regular revenue, it is important that we also consider our clients and create such a plan that none of the clients miss our product.

And, once you know that our clients/customers get the result from our product, they become our life time assets to run our business. Now is the time that we create some incentiviesd offer that they continue doing our promotion by word of mouth.

In short this is all about Sales Funnel. 

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