Do you want to know about Digital Marketing, which is the booming industry nowadays in the world? Often people say that they started a business and spent a lot of money but at the end they failed and it was a huge loss to them. Do you know, why people often fail in business? The answer is that they never tried to make a systematic approach for it, therefore  landed in the dark. If you  see the trend, now is the time of Digital Marketing.  But before I tell you about it, let me clear you the concept of marketing. 

If you really want to get success in anything, you need to first understand its fundamentals. Similarly, to start a new venture in marketing, you first need to understand about its fundamentals. Marketing is a science. Unless you learn it deeply, you will be an utter failure in marketing.


To step into the marketing field, you need to have an idea about which product or service, you will do marketing. At the same time you have to understand the true need of the product while having the deep knowledge about it. Also, you have to ensure that you have a deep knowledge of the product or the service and its need to the population.

While launching the product, you also have to do a lot of research. Whether that product is already available in the market, or any other variant of the product is available. If you find the product already in the market before you launch it, check how high the demand of it is. Again,  you need to have some extraordinary feature which makes your product stand out the present available product.

Hope you understand a bit now about marketing. Now let me explain it a little more to make its concept more clear to you. 

Understanding Marketing Fundamentals

To make you understand, let me tell you that marketing is a science. Science has some sets of rules and principles, similarly marketing too has certain rules. You need to understand it thoroughly and you have to follow it step by step to reach your goal or target without any difficulty.  Some say that a good marketer is the one who skillfully sells anything and everything. Marketing has a scientific approach. You need to understand it very clearly. Marketing of a product starts well before its birth in the market. 

You will ask, HOW?

Suppose, an idea is born in your mind to provide some service or launch some product. Now before you produce it, it is extremely important to know its depth or volume of its craving in the public (your future clients).  You make a flow chart of its usage and make the customer agree that YES, this is the only product or service, which is going to make life far more easy and comfortable. And, that’s it. You have hit the nail. 

Now you launch the product. And you will see that you are not selling it but it is selling on its own. An extremely demanded product will sell itself. And you will enjoy the revenue of it. So just understand- the right information delivered in the right way to the right person at the right time, makes it happen. This is marketing. 

In a nutshell, select your customers wisely, who may have the craving for your product. For example, If you approach with an agricultural product to a cobbler, or with an online music course to a student of mathematics, you will get zero response. 

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” — Simon Sinek

Have a Goal, Set A TARGET

To achieve your goal, you need to set a target of your monthly earnings. If you do not do it, it will result in procrastination.

So, create a plan on how to achieve the target. But one thing, I wish to make clear in your mind. To achieve your target do not ever cheat your customer. Because you may  make revenue but it will not last longer. You will lose the trust of the customer. Customer will never turn to you and also your negative marketing will be done by that customer and your sale will be over. Set a genuine goal with simple arithmetic calculation and simply try to follow that. 

If you wish to make ₹1,00,00,000, then you need to follow the strategy like under:how-to-make-1croreImage Courtesy:

Explore Your Expertise


To become a successful marketer, you need to select the product about which you have solid knowledge and passion to sell it, while creating the need of it in the market. Because all the three things go side by side. You know? Niche or Expertise in layman’s language,  plays an important role in marketing. You will ask what the heck is this Niche? 

The diagram below will make this clear to you.nicheImage Courtesy:

As you see in the above diagram that Talent, Passion and Market go side by side and the one thing which is common in all depicted with blue triangle like shape, is the thing called Niche.

It means, if you have passion for A and you have talent to develop A, but there is no demand of it in the market, then you will not get the market to sell it. You will get customers only if you are able to create and prove the need of product A to the customers. So, in short, niche is one thing on which you need to concentrate. Try to develop deep knowledge and passion for it. This will help you get competent customers for your product / services.

So, never take a wrong decision in choosing the Niche for your product/Service, if you want to become a successful marketer.

Digital Marketing – The Current Trend of Marketing


You may think, what the different ways of marketing

I am going to talk about Digital Marketing. It is nothing but marketing online through the medium of internet. Just take this instance. I am able to talk to you with the medium of internet, whereas we never met. But still you are reading my blog. You know, COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone to stay inside their homes.  A recession once again took place because of COVID-19. COVID forced everyone’s life to come to halt. 

Think of what happened due to this restriction. Majority of businesses ceased to function. Factories stopped. People started losing jobs and their bread and butter earning resources.  But during all this time, one thing continued to work seamlessly.

Internet- The mighty Power

It was the internet. All the faculties and departments on internet continued to function. And majority of the regular traditional work shifted from offline to online. The eCommerce kept on functioning to fulfill the needs of people throughout the world during pandemic. Such is the power of digital marketing. You may think that while telling you about Marketing, why I shifted to Digital Marketing. 

Imagine the situation of traditional market during pandemic due to COVID-19. You yourself might have witnessed this scenario. Almost everything came to cease. But during this pandemic, the power of online marketing was on. The one who had their website, their business was scaling. This is one of the advantages of Digital Marketing. So, want to know the advantages of Digital Marketing? 

Read the content below in the table. This will clarify the major differences between Digital Marketing and traditional marketing.

Major Differences between Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing

S. No.

Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing

1. You need to fix the working hours of your business. And if you fail to follow that you will lose your customers. You have no fix time. Your market will remain open round the clock throughout the year.
2. You have to spend a lot of money to get your product advertised on various media like newspapers, flyers, hoardings, mobile vans with continuous playing the recording about your product, radio, Television etc. Nothing of this sort is required. Your online presence is more than enough. You have your presence globally.
3. Your target customers will be from certain demographic areas only. Your target customers will be from the whole world.
4. You will not have the right customers. If 1000 customers get the information of your product, all may not be your clients. The information by various media about your product will be delivered to Chaos. You will have your target customers, who are competent to increase your sales. Because only those customers will seek about your product, who need it. Once they liked your product, they will have a lifelong relationship with you. 
5. Conversion rate in relation to the targeted customers will be quite less. You will have 100% conversion rates of customers because only those will be searching your product /services, who actually need it.

I hope, this gives quite a clear idea about the difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing.

There are many more differences, I will discuss about later in my next post. Let’s move to some other aspects of marketing

Marketing The Systematic Way (The Digital Marketing Way)


If you follow certain rules in a systematic way, I bet you will only get success and lady luck will keep following you. I learned about a formula called as funnel, which has different layers one by one, each following the other. This is called CATT Funnel. If you want to create wealth, you have to follow CATT system, where C stands for Content, A for Attention, T for Trust and again T for Transaction.

Now the formula to create wealth goes like this:

Wealth = n^CATT


Letter ‘n’ stands for Niche. You may remember that niche is the skill and expertise of yours in a particular field.


To understand it better, take this case.

  • A has an extraordinary talent and passion for product B, which is of high demand in the market.  Now A promotes his product by making a very powerful Content about B, which explains in the easy and the best way about B.
  • This Content draws the Attention of the customer, who takes the product B.
  • Now as the customer liked the product B, customer develops trust in you.
  • As customer has developed his trust in product B, he will start promoting product B without you have to tell him to do it.  Because this is human nature.
  • In the due course, your product B gets popularity and transaction of it starts happening.
  • You can see that how easy it becomes to convert your niche into fruitful productivity, if you follow the systematic approach of marketing. And, your niche becomes an ultimate source of wealth for you, when connected with CATT.

This cycle of CATT keeps moving. Once you are confident in one niche, the ideas come in your mind and you find another niche which is of use in public. Now start working on the new niche and follow the same steps to convert the new niche also in productivity.

I am sure enough that you got through this systemic approach of CATT.


Digital Marketing Integration


Apart from the traditional marketing approach, where various advertising campaign and marketing executives work to generate the lead, Digital marketing has a unique system of its own.

In this system, various essential components are interconnected to each other to make the system run.  Often, people have a misconception about these components and take it as a individual source of digital marketing. But if you get the complete benefit of the digital marketing, you will have to integrate it as given above in the block diagram. And just see. Everything is happening around the content marketing and lead and conversion happens.

People take their business online and do paid advertising to get their name in Google search.  But only that is not enough.

Right Approach

The right approach to Digital Marketing is as under: –

  • Create the best content for your product / service.
  • Do Search Engine Optimization of your content to get it ranked in search engine.
  • Connect your content to Social media to get the leads.
  • Get the paid advertisement done.

(Now  that your page is ranking in search engine as well as you have it listed in various similar websites as well as advertised in search engines, you are expected to get high traffic to your page)

Have the list of competent buyers / users for your product / service; get personal by sending personal emails to them related to your product. This shows that you are concerned with your leads. This concern of yours will develop trust among your leads.

When the trust is built up in your leads, they will automatically be converted as your trusted clients.

This complete process is called Integrated Digital Marketing.

Xeroxing Or Photocopying?


How many times you listened the word Casio in place of a musical keyboard or to Google in place of search, Whatsapp in place of sending message.

This is called personal branding.

When there was a need of getting duplicate documents, Xerox company developed a Machine, which was designed to make copy of any document/pictures. It ruled the hearts of people and a new term came in usage Xeroxing in place of photocopying.

This indicates the Xerox company made its imprint in the mind of public forever.


Mass Trust Blue Print : The Right Utility for Digital Marketing

If you want to succeed, you have to work hard step by step. There is a mass trust blue print for this. If you follow it from the bottom of your heart and practice it, there is no doubt that you will create your own personal branding.

The process of building mass trust starts with learning a niche of your passion. You need to work hard having a clear concept for what you are working.

  • Write article, blog or create a video on it to demonstrate about it to public.
  • People will interact with you for your services/ product.
  • Now is the time, when you can start consulting your clients. During this consulting period you have to take on to your clients showing and explaining about your product confidently and skillfully.
  • Because it is your product, only you can explain it in details. Better if you can make your clients have such hard craving for your product that they can’t work without it.
  • By such free consulting you gain better experience and also build up confidence in you.
  • When you gain experience, you can now start mentoring, one to one or one to many online or telephonically. You can start webinars about your services.
  • Later you will see that you have good expertise in the service you are providing. So now you can develop your own start up company.

Such is the power of Personal Branding.


I believe that now you got to know about how to start a business and how to get success in it. You may ask me any question related to this in the comment box. Also do not forget to subscribe our newsletter to get more informative topics and in-depth knowledge of digital Marketing.

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This is your digital mentor Shashank wishing you a successful takeoff in digital marketing.

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